Fresh dates are available September until gone… and it never takes long!

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Fresh Zahidi Dates from the 7HOTDATES Organically Grown by the Bautista Family

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  • AMAZINGGGG! Tastes like caramel :-)Kayla Watson, FPO, AE,, 3/19/2014
  • I’ve never had a date that is so addicting! I think I’m done, but then I just go back to my box for more and more! I’ve found a new favorite date variety for sure.Cortney, Williamson, New York, 2/1/2013
  • These are the best dates I’ve ever eaten. I’ve had all sorts of Medjools and deglet noors, but the only other 7hotdates variety I’ve had is Khadrawy, but I like the Zahidis more.Julie, Chicago, Illinois, 1/27/2013
  • They are the most amazing fruit I have ever had! They are like candy without all the bad stuff!! After I finish some of the others I got in my four pack I am going to order a couple pounds of these tasty delights!Mollie Shapiro, Binghamton, New York, 11/14/2012
  • These remind me of the filling for Baklava. They have that sort of nutty, honey with a hint of apricot taste. I am not normally a fan of firm dates, but decided to try some of yours since the ones in the local store are not so fresh. I am savoring every flavor in my mixed box. It is like getting a box of assorted candies!Robin, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 10/26/2012
  • The flavor of a Honey date, but subtler, less sweet.Alvaro Bautista, Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch, 2011