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Fresh Medjool Dates from the 7HOTDATES Organically Grown by the Bautista Family

Moroccan royalty once claimed the large and luscious "King of Dates" as theirs alone to savor and to gift to VIP guests. Though Medjools are best known for their impressive size, a maple syrup-like depth of flavor and succulent texture ensures that the Medjool's spot in the popular crowd is well deserved.

September is the start of each season's Medjool harvest, and Medjool's popularity ensures that it is one of the first varieties to sell out. In recent years, Medjools have sold out as early as late December, through February or March is more typical.

  • Flavor notes of maple syrup and caramel are enhanced by a toothsome balance of moistness and texture.
  • The Medjool is one of the wettest varieties. While some dates are only gooey, Medjool's syruppy moisture is intertwined with luscious texture: a unique and pleasurable experience.
  • For flavor, texture, and blissful date experience, you can't go wrong with Medjool. And when size matters, Medjool is your hot date: this massive variety can exceed 2 inches in length.