Hey peanut butter fans, try Zahidi dates!

The mighty Boogertron, Kyndra's kitty, stands guard over a 4 pound bag of firm-pack Halawy dates. 'To echo what everyone else has said: they're AMAZING. I've only tried my medjools so far and they seriously taste like caramel. I'm going make halawy dateorade with coconut water as my post-swim recovery drink tonight. I have a feeling it's going to taste heavenly,' Kyndra wrote from Canada. Kat Green's bounty: lots of Medjools, a smattering of Honey, Halawy, and Khadrawy dates, and a few pits as evidence. Encinitas, California Jennelle LeMoine is faithful to her Deglets. Northampton, Massachusetts 'Bautista Family Organic Dates = So Amazingly Good,' Madelyn wrote, and then dug in to her sampler, we're willing to bet. Salt Lake City, Utah
Paparazzi Photos

Calling all paparazzi: Pull out that telephoto lens, hide in the bushes, focus in on a few hot dates, and then submit your shots!