Hey peanut butter fans, try Zahidi dates!

Date Palms | 7HOTDATES Organically Grown by the Bautista Family
Hot Tips

Craving a silky-smooth date sauce or shake? Soak your dates in water (or coconut water!) before blending.

Finely chop your dates and stir in to ice creams, shakes, or even savory dishes like Moroccan tagine for delicious chewy bites of sweet flavor. Firm-pack dates are ideal for this purpose, since wet-pack varieties can be too gooey to hold their shape. (Aww, those softies. Don't hold it against them!)

Taking your dates on the road, the trail, or up in the air? Firm-pack dates are your friend, especially Deglet Noor and Zahidi, which can hold up well without refrigeration, won't smoosh in your pocket or bag, and can be snacked on without turning your hands into a (deliciously sticky) mess.