Fresh dates are available September until gone… and it never takes long!

Hot Dates Now – get 'em while you can

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Hot Tips

Craving a silky-smooth date sauce, smoothie, or shake? Soak your dates in water (or coconut water!) before blending. With or without soaking, add a few dates to naturally sweeten your treat!

Chop your dates and stir in to ice creams, apple pie, banana bread, shakes and smoothies, cookies, or even savory dishes like salads or Moroccan tagine for delicious chewy bites of sweet flavor. Firm-pack dates are ideal for this purpose, since wet-pack varieties can be too gooey to hold their shape. (Aww, those softies. Don't hold it against them!)

Taking your dates on the road, the trail, or up in the air? Firm-pack dates are your friend, especially Deglet Noor and Zahidi, which can hold up well without refrigeration, won't smoosh in your pocket or bag, and can be snacked on without turning your hands into a (deliciously sticky) mess.

Create your own date bars by combining dates with your favorite bar ingredients (nuts, oats, vanilla, spices, carob/cocoa, citrus zest, dried apricots or apples, raisins...) in a food processor. Shape into bars or balls, just grab a spoon and dig in, or scoop over apples for a cobbler topping!

Make it fast and easy to enjoy dates anytime by prepping them before freezing. When you receive your dates, reserve some to enjoy fresh out of the refrigerator. Prep the rest by removing the seed and calyx, chopping or pulling into halves or pieces if desirable. Transfer into freezer bags or any air-tight container and store in your freezer. Grab your freezer stash anytime to quickly add to snacks and recipes.