Fresh dates are available September until gone… and it never takes long!

Hot Dates Now – get 'em while you can

Dates on the Tree from 7HOTDATES Organically Grown by the Bautista Family
Farmers Markets

The farmers market season begins in August or September, depending on the market, and extends through the spring sellout (March, generally). The family attends markets throughout Los Angeles County and in Irvine and Palm Springs.

Available at Bautista farmers market stands are 1 lb packages of all available varieties and 4 lb firm-pack bags of some varieties. All of these are seed-intact fresh raw dates. A small amount of dates that have been de-seeded by hand may also be available.

Can I place an order for pickup? Yes! To place a large order (6 lbs or more) or other special order for pickup at a Southern California Farmers Market or at the Date Ranch, please contact the Bautista Family.

Can I pay with EBT / food stamps? Yes! At most markets, you can use your EBT card at the market management stand to purchase tokens/scrip.

Please call or email in advance if you would like to confirm availability of Bautista Family Organic Dates on a specific date/market.