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Date Palms | 7HOTDATES Organically Grown by the Bautista Family

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When is the webshop open? When is date season?

The webshop opens each September. The exact date is determined by the weather, since temperatures must cool sufficiently for safe transit. Generally, opening day is a Monday in mid-September, give or take a week.

Dates are available until they sell out. The webpage for each date cultivar (see menu at left) record previous years' sellout dates for each variety. Generally, by late spring the entire harvest is sold out.

The harvest begins in mid-August and continues through the end of September.

If you are in southern California, you can get your dates a couple weeks before the webshop opens (and save the shipping cost) by picking up at a farmers market or at the Ranch.

Do you ship to my country? When will I receive my dates? Will I owe duties?

Fresh dates can be shipped to the USA (all 50 states, and Puerto Rico) and Canada only.

Date orders are shipped daily (M-F), often the same day that you place your order. U.S. shipments usually arrive within 2 business days in the western states or 3-4 days in other areas. If you have not received your order in 5 business days, please be in touch.

Canadian shipments average 4-10 business days. Timing varies since USPS, Canadian customs, and Canada Post all play a role. Please contact us if you have not received your order in 10 business days. Because dates are not grown in Canada, the Canadian government charges no duties.

What is the difference between Bautista Family Organic Dates and the dates sold in my local grocery store?

They're fresh. Most dates sold in stores are old – many months, or even more than a year old. Bautista Family Organic Dates are always from the current season's harvest.

They're perfectly ripe. Most dates are harvested all at once, which reduces the grower's cost but results in inconsistent quality. Since the dates from even a single bunch mature at different times, the Bautista Family harvests dates from the same bunch in two, often three stages: this requires a far greater amount of work and time commitment, but it ensures that every date is harvested at its the ideal ripeness.

They're organic. The Ranch's date palms have been organically grown from the beginning: more than 100 years ago! The original date farmers registered the property with the state of California as an organic date ranch. The Bautista Family began the organic certification process in 1999; certification was officially awarded in 2002.

They're never heated. When packaged dates are pit-less, you can bet that the dates were steamed to remove the seed. Bautista Dates are never steamed or heated. They are offered in their natural pit-in state. (Bautista Medjools that have been pitted by hand, without steaming, are available in season at farmers markets and by special request for mail order, at additional cost.)

They're never frozen. After harvest, Bautista Dates are stored at 42-45°F, maintaining exceptionally fresh flavor and texture.

They're allergen-free. Bautista Dates are harvested and packed at the date ranch. The packing room is for dates only – no sulfur dioxide, sulfites, tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, wheat, soy, starch, or anything else (other than the packing materials, of course) comes into contact with the dates.

What's the difference between wet-pack and firm-pack dates?

The Medjool, Khadrawy, Honey, and Halawy date harvests include a range of moisture levels. We sort them as "wet-pack" and "firm-pack." Wet-pack dates are very soft and can be downright gooey. Firm-pack dates are tender, with more texture and a chewy bite. Wet-pack dates sometimes smoosh together; firm-pack dates keep their shape. See below for more discussion.

The price difference in the webshop is soley due to lower shipping cost, since more firm-pack dates can fit in the box. There is no difference in quality.

The Canada shop offers tender dates that can reliably handle longer transit times and the occasional custom delay. We recommend that you choose from these options. If you would really like the gooiest dates anyway and are willing to accept the risk of spoilage, email or call the Bautista Family with your special request, and cross your fingers that your risk will be rewarded!

I've never tasted a fresh date. What should I order?

We think that experiencing the unique flavors and textures of each cultivar is a big part of the joy and the culinary experience of fresh dates. So, a sampler is a great place to start.

If you are craving the most indulgent, gooey goodness, go for Khadrawy and Medjool. Khadrawy dates are always the gooeyest and the sweetest. Honey and Halawy are nearly as sweet and soft. Barhi dates, when in the ripened rutab stage, are very soft (so soft that they can be shipped only before they soften, by special request). Wet-pack dates will best satisfy fans of gooey texture. Firm-packs of those varieties are quite soft also (moister than most grocery dates, for example), and offer advantages like lower cost (when shipped), longer shelf life, and snackability without sticky fingers!

If you appreciate subtler sweetness or firmer texture, Deglet Noor and Zahidi may warm your heart. Each offers its own version of nuttiness, sophistication, and, when compared to the sweetest varieties, a gentler sweetness. Halve them for a salad, stir slices into oatmeal, sprinkle bits on top of ice cream, replace the seed with an almond or dollop of cream cheese – Deglet Noor and Zahidi offer great versatility and flavor. Unless you are playing it exclusive with the gooey varieties, you just may find a friend in nutty and sophisticated Deglets and Zahidis. Many gooey date die-hards have been happily surprised by their love for Deglets and Zahidis.

Are 7HOTDATES raw?

These natural, untreated dates are beloved as a staple food (and treat!) for raw fooders, many of whom regularly purchase over 100 pounds at a time! Date palms produce fruit only in the desert's extreme temperatures, in intense sunshine that occasionally exceeds 120 degrees. If you define the raw threshold as 118°, any date may be a little too hot for you!

How should I store my dates? How long will they keep?

Refrigerator or freezer storage is recommended for all fresh dates (except yellow Barhis). At the Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch, dates are stored in 42-45°F walk-in coolers from harvest through sellout.

Wet-pack dates can be kept for many months when stored optimally, and firmer dates can last even longer. Your dates may last for weeks or months in your refrigerator also, but due to variations in temperature, humidity, and condensation, freezer storage is a more reliable way of preventing spoilage. Due to their sugar content, dates do not freeze solid and can be enjoyed straight out of the freezer or quickly brought to room temperature. Air-tight storage will most effectively prevent moisture loss.

No way to chill your dates? In cool weather, unrefrigerated fresh dates are usually okay for a few days. Keep them in a ventilated container and away from sun, heat, and humidity. The lower moisture varieties, Deglet Noor or Zahidi, fare better without cooling, or go with a firm-pack of any variety for longer shelf-stability compared to wet-pack dates.

Can you email me when dates are available?

We do not send announcements for availability or impending sellout. If you're wondering when the webshop will open or how long a variety may be available, here are a few tips.

Are Bautista dates irradiated?

We do not irradiate. Mail carriers shouldn't either, since radiation of organic produce is prohibited by federal law Section 205.105(f). The EPA states the same. If you order dates for delivery to a Washington, D.C. government office, USPS may irradiate anyway: "Currently all mail directed to the White House, Congress, and the Library of Congress is being irradiated." (Read more here.) As far as we can tell, Canada Post never irradiates.

Can I pay with EBT / food stamps?

Yes, at every farmers market! You can use your EBT card at the market management stand to purchase tokens/scrip.

We cannot accept food stamps for online purchases. Eligibility requires selling multiple types of foods/produce, and we sell only dates.

I want to talk to you or work with you.

If you are a journalist / writer / researcher please email or call the Bautista Family.

Please note that we do not advertise, offer an affiliate program, sponsor events, exchange dates for press/blog mentions, provide dates for giveaways, etc.

I would like to give fresh dates as a gift. How does that work?

Sure! Your gift box will be packed with a festive red cellophane interior wrapper and a gift card with your personalized message. You can send as many gifts as you'd like—please place each gift order separately.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Add a box of dates to your cart. Order from the USA store or the CAN shop according to your recipient's location.
  2. Click the Continue Shopping button. Under the gift box illustration, type in your gift card message, then click Add to Cart.
  3. When checking out, in the Shipping Address section, look for the little blue Add link next to "Enter the name/address of gift recipient" and type in the name and address. The Bautista Family will mail your dates right away unless you specify otherwise. Feel free to add a desired delivery date or any other special instructions here, along with the address.
  4. Your giftee's box will be marked with "Keep refrigerated," but you may consider following up with your giftee about storage, especially if the box may not be opened immediately.