Fresh dates are available September until gone… and it never takes long!

Hot Dates Now – get 'em while you can

Date Palms at the Ranch - 7HOTDATES Organically Grown by the Bautista Family

Thanks to the Bautista Family for inspiring us all with their kindness, their hospitality, their willingness to run with a crazy idea, and their oh-so-hot dates.

The stunning photography by Liberty Winn, with the support of Mo and Raymond is seen throughout this website. It's a visual feast, a tastebud tease, and a real pleasure to design a website with gorgeous BIG photos!

Blogging virtuoso Alex Curtis-Slep brought hot dates to Twitter (and is starting up Facebook!) and continues to keep dataholics satiated there. Alex has been a faithful ally dating all the way back to February 2011, soon after the original 7HOTDATES launch.

South African journalist Melissa Andrews contributed sassy copywriting for the 2011 7HOTDATES email newsletters – all the way from Dubai! And Noa at Denevi Photography lensed mouthwatering dates for a newsletter photo.

Josh Fossgreen, Amanda Jane, and RawKev were the first to capture their date enthusiasm and recipes in YouTube videos. Thanks to Candice and Lana for submitting the first recipes, and Kyndra, Kat, Jennelle, and Madelyn for snapping date photos!

By begging for shipping to the Great White North, RawKev, Derek, Tarah, and Prad bring countless smiles to Canadian fruit-o-philes year after year.

A shout-out to everyone in the fruit-loving community for the incredible outpouring of support for the Bautista Family and their phenomenol dates. Special thanks to Windlord, Derek Holmes, Chris Paris, Ryan Lewis, Shell, Adrienne, David Hestrin, Terra, Kyndra, musicians Elliot and Nana, date cheerleader Aimee the yogini, and so many others.

The early brainstorming for this site wouldn't have been nearly as fun without San Diego idea-meisters Lindy Villa and Monica Raymond.

7HOTDATES was created and is maintained by Kristin and Brad in collaboration with the Bautista Family.